Sloppy Niall is a gift 

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Anonymous said:
how do you think H&L are in a relationship when they don't even look at each other? They don't interact, they don't spend time together outside of work. How can you think they're in a relationship? like for fucks sake cant you open your eyes and see that THEY ARENT TOGETHER and stop wasting your time?


Why do you care? Why do you care why do you care why do you care why do you care why do you fucking CARE? Why do you give any fucks at all if I think they’re in a relationship? WHY DO YOU CARE? Why does me thinking they’re together affect you so much that you have to send me anonymous messages? Why does me thinking they’re together bother you? Why do you fucking care?

Why does anyone care? Why is it a big deal? If you’re right, and nothing’s going on WHY DO YOU CARE???? Are you that offended by the idea? Are you that pissed off about it? Does people thinking they’re together actually get your fucking hair in knots to the point where you have to send me anons? 

If they are straight and not together and nothing is going on, why do you care? Why does ANYONE care???? Why is it such a big deal, why has it been made into such a big fucking deal? If nothing is going on WHY DO THEY CARE? Why do YOU? Why are none of the other ships a big deal?

If you’re right and nothing is going on, then GOOD, you shouldn’t fucking cARE if people disagree because it wouldn’t MATTER.

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30 days otp challenge : day 9 hanging out with friends

"i think it’s time for you two to get a room or something."

"shut up niallier!"

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Harry loses the Birthday Girl

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August 17th, 2014

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Louis subtly watching Harry

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